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Imagine if you could hear a heartbeat - your child's or your own later in life - from the time of being a blessing in your mother's womb or when you became a gift to a family through adoption. What if, you could celebrate this source of life - a heartbeat - across a lifetime?
N Due Season offers greeting cards with a 'chip' inside that records a heartbeat from when a baby is in the womb or even for an older child. The cards offer a space for a photo, of a sonogram or a picture, and when the card is opened, the heartbeat recording is heard. Each is embellished with custom artwork by artist, Barb Mason. Barb is also an ultrasound specialist, and N Due Season was birthed as she bore witness to mothers' and fathers' lighting up with excitement as they listened to the sound of life in their child.
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To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
Share Our Cards - Our cards are keepsakes that reflect one of the most memorable experiences of life. They can be shared with: First time parent, Parents with multiple children, Adoptive parents, Expectant mothers, Grandparents, Siblings, Friends, Aunts and Uncles, Your children
N Due Season, 10603 Watercress Lane, Frisco, Texas 75033  -  Phone: 214.407.6625  -  e-mail: info@ndueseason.com

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