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N Due Season offers Greeting Card with Recordable Ultra Sound Module and Image Retaining Window. The Custom painted Fine Art detail of each card represents a quality product - at an affordable price. The cards will delight the discriminating shopper who appreciates a high level of artistry, and who recognizes the importance of celebrating life!


•  How does it work? 
•  How long do they last?
•  How much do they cost?

How does it work?
An operator of the card, for example an expectant mother or an obstetrician or sonographer, may activate a recording function (simple press the record button) on the sound card to record the heartbeat of an in utero baby.  This can take place during the course of an ultrasound procedure or during a prenatal exam in a doctor’s office.  The operator may also obtain a sonogram image of the in utero baby, during the course of a prenatal ultrasound exam. You can slip the sonogram image of baby into the image retaining window located within the greeting card.  When the card is opened, by a parent of the expectant mother, playback of the recorded heartbeat of the in utero baby is actuated and the sonogram image is displayed within the image retaining window.

The heartbeat does not have to be that of an unborn child.  With a baby heart monitor or Doppler recorder, the heartbeats of children can also be recorded.   

How long do they last? 
The sound will play 200-250 times as opened.  You may also use the card chip to record to a CD or online.  Just hold the card to the speaker of your computer and record for ongoing safekeeping.

How much do they cost?
Online pricing starting at $10.00, with no minimum order.  This includes custom artwork, a frame for the baby picture and the recording device.  Volume discounts are available.  For more information on discounts, please call 214-407-6625.



In addition to our cards, we also feature our artwork on:

  • Journals
  • Pocket Calendars
  • Notepads
  • 16" x 20" Prints - perfect for framing!

Spring Blossom
Petals spring forward into full bloom….
As a baby blossoms there will be sunny days ahead. 

Single card price - $10.00
Package of 3 cards - $24.00
Journal - $19.99
Pocket planner calendar - $7.99
Note pad - $7.99
16" x 20" Print - $35.00


The Miracle of Life Spring Blossom

A miracle of being is in bloom!
Honor the resplendent joy of the birth of life….and the beauty of experiencing it together.

Single card price - $10.00
Package of 3 cards - $24.00
Journal - $19.99
Pocket planner calendar - $7.99
Note pad - $7.99
16" x 20" Print - $35.00


One- to- be
One to be ... within me a gift that will always be cherished.
Praise for blessings and grace!

Single card price - $10.00
Package of 3 cards - $24.00
Journal - $19.99
Pocket planner calendar - $7.99
Note pad - $7.99
16" x 20" Print - $35.00


Coming soon...

Awaiting Gift
In every moment, be present to the gift of life.
Be expectant of the divine love to be born.

Our Flock (birds)
Nestle in unconditional love, we are connected in faith, hope and endless possibilities.

Winged Royalty
As you enter the world, new breath gives flutter to your wings. 
We are eternally connected to support your journey.

New products , including:
  • Thank You cards
  • Paintings - and their reproductions
    (such as Giclee Prints, )
  • And, more .......
God says in Genesis 12:

“I have heard thousands of heartbeats and each is unique and individual.  The frequency is unique, the pulses are unique.  And, most moms can recognize their baby’s heartbeat.  We all have a heartbeat.  But we have our own pattern and sound.” – Barb Mason



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A Gift for Life - We provide our customers with a 3-in-1 family heirloom: You will enjoy custom artwork that will appeal to the collector of fine art. You will have a image retaining window to protect your baby's ultrasound picture or photograph. You will have the ability to record and listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat or that of an older child.
In the rhythm of life, everyone has their season. Our products reflect the beauty of your season.

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