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Please share your experiences with N Due Season cards and gifts. We would love to hear from you, as we transform the world one heartbeat at a time!

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As a graphic artist, I enjoyed working with Barb on this project. Developing the project from concept to establishing a keepsake such as this is simply an awesome idea. This is a great opportunity for parents to share in such a moment as this...forever. The artwork by Barb just enhances this special moment of sharing in the sound of a baby's heartbeat.

Ron Smith Cre8tive

I LOVE IT!.... The visuals truly make a deep and lasting impression. The artwork is not just beautiful artwork but elicits an emotional connection. I think this will bless many women! Keep me posted on your success.


Marvelous idea! The love and devotion for this project are evident in the final product. Moms, dads, grandparents and others will all want to share in the first sound of their baby's heart beat. God bless you, Barbara in this project of love!
Your sister in Christ,

I have known of Barbara Mason's art work for over 2 years.  In this time I have come to appreciate her talent.  The new cards for baby and/or birth announcements make this a personal experience.  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her cards and her talents.  Everyone should experience them.
Payge Nixon & Jennie Mitchell
Tuscan OB-Gyn Associates

I am passing your web address around to everyone I know that loves art.  I was just telling a watercolor lover about your work last week!  IT TRULY IS YOUR SEASON!! LIVE in it and LOVE it!!!!!


I wanted everyone who comes in contact with Barb to know that she is an awesome woman of God. I had the opportunity to meet and purchase art from Barb. By the end of the exhibit I felt as if myself and Barb were relatives that hadn't seen each other in years.  Her artwork is priceless. If I you want to purchase good quality art purchase from this site.


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A Gift of Life - We provide our customers with a 3-in-1 family heirloom: You will enjoy custom artwork that will appeal to the collector of fine art. You will have a image retaining window to protect your baby's ultrasound picture or photograph. You will have the ability to record and listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat or that of an older child.
In the rhythm of life, everyone has their season. Our products reflect the beauty of your season.

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